Commercial Capability


Why use Gill Landscapes ?


1. Credibility

Gill Landscapes is a competent and dependable construction company servicing the wider Canterbury and South Island region. We are experienced and have completed a wide-range of commercial projects to a high standard. Take a look at our commercial landscape contruction projects below.

2. Expansive Knowledge

Our talented team of landscape experts includes horticultural specialists, landscape construction professionals and qualified builders. We know what we are doing. Our wide range of specialist knowledge enables us to problem solve, efficiently and cost effectively. We understand that managing large projects includes facilitating a range of contractors and problem solving on a daily basis. We are here to help you and always have solutions ready.

3. Our Connections

Our strong network of quality sub-contractors and suppliers ensures we can cater to any landscaping request as the project evolves. We have a range of vetted and reliable companies we like to work with. We know how these sub-contractors work and we work well alongside them. We’re always ready to expand with the project and ensure a smooth process right through to completion.

4. We make it easy.

Peter Greer

Commercial Manager