Our Team

Sean Gill Managing Director

Managing Director

Company owner and founder, Sean is passionate, hard working  and dedicated to Gill Landscapes. He prides himself on his hands on attitude, attention to detail and  creative thinking.Sean’s passion for the outdoors started as a child growing up in the beautiful Nelson Bays. He always looked forward to helping his dad at his building company. It was from his father that Sean developed his eye for detail and learnt the importance of striving for perfection. Searching for his own path Sean moved to Christchurch to complete a diploma of horticulture at Lincoln University.  Sean fell in love with the Canterbury region and established Gill Landscapes. Sean believes creating an outstanding landscape comes from getting to know the clients and adding personal touches to the design and construction process.In his free time Sean enjoys all sports, boating and more recently being a dad.

Diploma in Horticulture

Level 4 Advanced Landscape Construction

Level 4 Advance Horticulture


Peter Greer  Commercial Manager

Peter Greer is the founder and co-owner of Gill Commercial. His problem solving skills, innovation and love of numbers are vital in the commercial sector. Pete has extensive landscaping knowledge which he couples with a comprehensive familiarity with the Construction Contracts Act, NZS3910. Pete is also an accredited Operational Playground Inspector iwth in depth knowledge of New Zealand Playground Standards NZS5828. He offers Gill Landscapes’ commercial clients a seamless customer experience – no matter how big the project. Pete believes in estimating from first principals to ensure accurate and consistent quotes. His drive and passion enable him to develop and establish an efficient and reliable commercial landscaping company. Peter believes the pillars for any long-standing commercial relationship are transparency, communication and innovative problem-solving.

Peter is a Chritstchurch man, currently residing in the beautiful Lincoln countryside. Peter also happens to be an excellent baker. His cakes are well-known and often requested by friends, family and workmates. He’s also an animal advocate. Peter and his wife Tesh support the SPCA, fostering puppies and kittens while taking care of their own dogs Hershey and Franky and their two cats Lucy and Ruby.  It’s safe to say it’s a very busy household. 


John Stanley  Project Manager

John has been with Gill Landscapes since the beginning. He is our key man and project manager. He has exceptional landscape construction knowledge, excellent organisation skills and a great understanding of how to manage a wide range of landscaping projects from start to finish. John ensures clear communication with his clients and staff and ensures all of our projects run smoothly. Problem solving and creativity are key strengths of John’s which enable him to thrive in this busy position. 

John is a Christchurch local and lives close to Gill Landscapes with his wife, son and two dogs (a love of animals seems to be a pre-requesite for working at Gill Landscapes).  

Melanie Gill

Administrations Manager

Mel is our administration extraordinaire.

She can be found in our offices Monday to Thursday. 

Mel’s key strength is her efficiency and organisation. 

Mel is most likely to know where to find anything. 

Cori Fahey

Excavation Foreman

Cori is our Excavation foreman.

He can be found onsite in Bobby T.

Cori’s strength is his excavation skills and love of Bobby T.

Cori is also most likely to lock himself out of his truck.

David Vandevondervoort

Landscaper Foreman

Dave is one of our foreman.

He can usually be found building onsite.

Dave’s key strength is his ability to entertain everyone and keep everyone laughing.

Dave is most likely to snapchat his lunch.

Ben Lawrence

Landscaper Foreman

Ben is a foreman for Gill Landscapes.

He can be found working away onsite.

Ben’s strength is his attention to detail.

Ben is most likely to follow Johno’s style advice.

Alex Lang

Landscaper Foreman

Alex is our newest Gill Landscapes recruit.

He can be found onsite.

Alex’s strengths are his motivation and organisation. 

Alex is most likely to keep his uniform clean.

Joel Osborne


Joel has been a Gill Landscaper for the past several years. 

He can be found onsite.

Joel’s strength is his willingness to get stuck in.

Joel is most likely to forget his lunch. 

Conor McCrosin


Conor is a Landscaper for Gill Landscapes.

Conor can be found onsite usually next to Dave.

Conor’s strength is his sheer size and muscle. 

Conor is most likely to laugh at Dave’s jokes. 

Josh Leonard


Josh has been Gill Landscaper from day one of the company.

He can be found onsite with Ben.

Josh’s key strength is his ability to keep things in order at the yard.

Josh is most likely to be working shirtless. 

Milaan Landscaper

Milaan de Jong


Milaan is one of our Landscapers.

He can be found onsite.

Milaan’s strength is his great work ethic.

Milaan’s most likely to have his work shirt on inside out.

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